Clients and Testimonials

“Andy engaged with us at a critical time in our business life cycle. We were preparing to put ourselves on the market to be acquired and needed to ensure our business was in the best health to optimise that process.

We had gone through a couple of evolutions of the sales organisation and the sales performance, culture and alignment to the company’s goals within the business development function was somewhat disconnected. This meant that productivity was lower than it should have been and morale in places was not were it needed to be and so senior management were looking for ways to correct the structure and focus of the group in a very short time scale.

Andy was engaged to drive this realignment. Through a process of staff interviews, team meetings and workshops, Andy was able to assess the status of the business and put in place a change structure, a sales methodology and high-impact, high-speed training that ensured the teams were focused – qualifying and closing deals in a short period of time. Some key reorganisations took place to ensure the new focus was executed upon correctly to ensure our health leading up to sale and beyond.

We were able to enter the acquisition process with a confidence both in the sales process, the strategic alignment and the management techniques within our business development function to justify full control of the pipeline and capability of team.

Andy’s work was a highly valuable engagement from a skilled and experienced business consultant that was a big contribution to the successful acquisition of Kulu Valley.”

- Sumit Rai, Chief Experience Office Qumu and ex-CEO at Kulu Valley.

“Andy came onboard as investor and advisor with a focus on sales. From day one he provided advise and key insights. He has been invaluable in helping us to build a strong and very structured sales operation from scratch. Getting a focused, solution driven sales operation in place is essential to any startup, and that’s exactly the business strategy Andy has helped us implement. It is a real pleasure to work with him and to be a sparring partner. As an excellent team player and leader, he is able work with a great bunch of talented co-funders..”

- Dorian Selz, CEO & Founder, Squirro

“Andy is a trusted advisor to Rapide, and has been an invaluable asset. His advice has ranged from business strategy, sales methodology to key talent recruitment. Andy is hands-on, practical and very understanding. He gives his time up willingly and is an enthusiastic contributor. He has saved us from making costly mistakes and helped us embrace new opportunities for growth.”

- Nigel Shanahan, Managing Director, Rapide

“Having known Andy for some 15 years, in a working partnership that has covered senior operational roles and more recently seed investment partnerships, I have witnessed first hand his unique enthusiasm for, and proven track record in, driving success in business.

Andy has been a key contributor in some of the fastest growing and most successful global software companies (Siebel Systems & QlikTech) and he has a highly valuable and vibrant network of clients and partners, with a deep and rich experience in selling into the enterprise marketplaces.

Combining his start-up drive and experience with hands on and active investment help for well selected hot new tech companies, Andy has the competency, credibility and track record to be a great asset to any ambitious young company.

I look forward to a long and close working relationship with Andy, continuing to build highly successful technology companies.”

- Alex Ott, Founder, CrossContinentalVentures