The Vision, Mission and Core Values

JumpXL Mission:

Our mission is to help businesses achieve accelerated year-on-year growth by activating the right combination of leadership support, business development opportunities, access to capital, strategic insights, and the injection of the right talent at the right time.

JumpXL Vision:

Our vision is to help power the tech wave in the UK and internationally providing an ever growing community of innovators with the support they need to reach a global market and establish their technology as world leading.

Core Values:

Passion: We live and breathe the entrepreneurial spirit, and embrace its energy, drive and dynamism. We are passionate about helping our clients protect that spirit. We interact with enthusiasm at every step.

Innovation: We recognise innovation as a key competitive advantage. From new business practices to creating or harnessing new technologies, JumpXL is committed to powering growth through innovation.

Integrity: We operate with professionalism and integrity in all we do. We work to eliminate the poisonous politics in the workplace that so often damages a company as it grows. We provide dependability, authenticity and value. We take responsibility, take action and we stand by the results.

Community: Through our active and vibrant global network of investors, business leaders and strategic partners we collaborate and share industry best practice and new business leads, for the benefit of all. This high-quality and trusted network is the basis for success. Real progress is achieved through intelligent teaming.

Simplicity: We strive for simplicity in everything we do. Simple products, simple processes, simple rules. Simplicity results in seductive and disruptive technologies, quickens company and customer alignment and delivers better decision-making. Simplicity is good business: it accelerates high-speed to value. We provide a personable hands on approach combined with methodologies that are both clear and pragmatic to instill order not bureaucracy.

Speed: Jump to it. Take action and respond with quality and professionalism.